Providing Business Coaching for the Serious Entrepreneur

Thanks for stopping by Business Coach USA. You have probably used a coach at your gym; had one for sports activities, maybe even have been one for your child’s soccer team. Coaching is not new, but Business Coaching is getting a new look. Our innovative coaching system allows us to provide coaching all across America by utilizing the latest technologies like secure cloud document transfer, Skype, and, Join Me sessions. We look forward to providing you with the best in business coaching services. Our goal is to help you reach your goals, whether that be to increase revenue, minimize expenses, effectively utilize your staff, increase the profitability of your company, or make more time for your personal life. Working together we will find  those areas in your company that can have serious financial impact;  can be worked on right away will give you more control over your business. In a short period of time you will begin to taste the success that other entrepreneurs have achieved by utilizing Business Coach USA. This path is not simple or easy but if you stick to it you will see the results.

Unsure about your need or our offer and prices? Here are some thoughts from CNN on business coaches. Look at the specials and bonuses we are offering, which all come with a money back guarantee. You will walk away with two awesome ideas that you can put to use in your business right away from our session,  or your money will be completely refunded. Even better, if you don’t like the approach we have — no questions, money back. If you don’t like the reports you get — no questions, money back. If you don’t like our phone number — well perhaps a question — but our three way money back feature is guaranteed.

It takes almost all of the resources and time you have to run the day to day operations of your small business. By the time you have worked with your cash flow, inventory levels, purchasing, sales force, production, social media, and the always present “fire to put out”….well you get the idea. You need someone to help you.

Of course, that “someone”  has to have some experience working with businesses; some resources of their own to apply to your information; the ability to listen and interpret. They should have the experience to know what the effect taxes, economic conditions and other issues might have on your business. How about loans? Should this “someone” know something about loans and where you might be able to get one? Or if you even should be getting a loan? They should have access to what other businesses in your industry are doing and what are their important metrics. This is the person who should be your Business Coach!

And it should be us; here’s why: Business Coaching means listening first, asking questions about your goals and visions, and, as with an athletic coach, making suggestions and keeping the motivation level high. This is very different from the consultant who wants to make your business into his vision. You went into business to accomplish certain goals, let us be the coach who helps you reach to reach those goals, whether it be financial, to have extra time, to work with employees, to show you new techniques available in technology or business flow or other visions you have. If you are a start up business, coaching is even more important, get a great start, keep those goals in mind, and work the problems out early. To reiterate the items from our video,  here are 4 important areas that you should discuss in your small business coaching sessions. They involve someone stepping back and taking that overall look at the business, and helping you decide what works and what doesn’t for your business.

    1. Growth… a big problem for a successful businesses is they grow too fast. Our business coaches will help you figure out a proper growth rate and how that works together with capital and debt. So, number one is how you control your growth and how that affects your cash flow.
    2. Tracking and optimizing expenses, also called budgeting, and then comparing them to industry standards, the benchmarks.
    3. Providing information and ideas on Technology, a whole new and exciting field of Business Coaching that we work with when other coaches shy away from.
    4. And most importantly, to be the “someone”, the coach who will draw out the moves you need to make to accomplish the goals and work with you to see if they make sense or not. To be the COACH who brings back the excitement to your business that you had when you started.

These are just 4 reasons that are the start of a great adventure with your Business Coach. Still have doubts? Look at our offers and bonuses and pick one to try us out. That three way guarantee might help you make up your mind.  Re-read the CNN linked article above. Or just give us a call.

With over 30 years experience working with small and medium size businesses, Jim and Shirley Vaughn can make suggestions that help you reach your goals. To see the process we use, see our other pages.