The secret to finding the right business coach?

Cohhsing a coach for your business to match your needsWhen you are choosing a small business coach, what makes you choose one coach over another? Here are a few things to look for:

1. When choosing a small business coach, choose a professional. Does your candidate had influence other professionals and respected individuals, and do they respect his advice?

2. Try to determine your candidate’s motive in wanting to be your coach. Of course, the coach needs to make a living, but his task should be to help you attain success, thereby becoming successful himself. Keep in mind when choosing a business coach that they too should have a measure of success.

3. Does your candidate have the skill set to help you with your particular problems, or does he have additional resources to draw on so you have all you need. If you mostly need a financial coach, does he have the knowledge to competently advise on financial matters and will he keep your financial goals as the first priority? He should be able to provide you with the basics on all areas, even if he is an expert in only one or two. This is an important part of choosing a business coach.

4. Values. You should ask what value he places on your goals. You will only trust and use the coach if you share similar values and goals. You don’t want someone to change their values, instead  you want the coach who already shares your values and understands them clearly. Make them say the values out loud to you so you know that they have the same values you have.

5. The methods of coaching should be in line with the way you learn. The coach is there to help you learn what to do in similar situations in the future. A coach may be demanding and bossy; soft spoken and thoughtful; encouraging and supportive; analytical and numbers oriented — choose a business coach that has a style that appeals to and works for you

Choose your coach with these and other key factors that are important to you. Don’t forget schedules (when is everyone available); perspectives (educational backgrounds and experience) and even hobbies when choosing your business coach. After all, choosing your business coach is one of the most important choices you will make.

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