What is Business Coaching?

Coaching – A word with many interpretations. Especially Small Business Coaching! So, just exactly, how to pick the best coach for your business?

Being Coached is a process; the process of learning the tasks it takes to be successful in attaining the goals you have set for your business. Being coached is following a plan, your plan, with educated suggestions from an “outsider” looking in. Being coached is being given a set of options to choose from, perhaps deciding not to take any of the options. Being coached is a collaboration, a give and take, a continuing back and forth to arrive at a correct decision. Being coached is also the continually “tweaking” of those decisions and procedures until your goal becomes a reality.

So, you know what being coached involves, but what does the COACH do?  Your Small Business Coach starts with process by gathering data (metrics) from you and narrowing the business coaching task. Do you want business coaching only for marketing or technology, or does your start-up or mature business need a coach in all areas. Asking questions, listening carefully to the answers, analyzing the data you give us and then having meaningful discussions with you on each area; that is what an exciting coach brings to the table.

Imagine that you have had an idea blooming in the back of your head for several weeks and you just don’t know what to do — follow it through or give it up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “someone” to bounce that idea off of, and to realistically and truthfully tell you whether it fits with your goals and what it will take to implement and attain the goal. This is  a collaboration of your idea and someone who wants to help you realize this idea and make a profit doing it.

Here are the steps that business coaches use:

Thinking about getting a business coach?1. Listen, listen, listen.

2. Ask questions, several different ways so the concept is completely understood from several different perspectives.

3.  Research, the competition, the costs involved, the market  and how it fits with your goals. This will involve MORE questions and discussions.

4. Give you some tasks, (remember, being coached involves a lot of work from you) and get more answers.

5. After this back and forth, come up with a plan to move forward or forget it. Moving forward, your business coach and you set time or production related goals and then the coach has the real job to keep you focused on your goals and motivated to complete the project.

While this sounds like a lot of work, some ideas and projects may be finished in a week; others may take months. The more that your Small Business Coach knows and understands about your business up front, the faster the decisions may be made.

Now that you know what a small business coach is your ready to choose a small business coach to help you with your business.