How to Pick a Technology Coach

Picking the right technology coach can be the difference between success and failure especially if your company is out-sourcing its technology needs. These coaches need to understand a broad spectrum of ideas, concepts, and technology solutions. They need to know that one shoe does not fit all solutions and that your has need are requirements unique to you.let a tehnology coach show you how to empower your business

This last  year we offered some free consulting to a project that involved a large successful company, we will call Company X, that was moving into a economically depressed region. We had already been looking at doing some community work in the area and had a good understanding of what any tech company moving to the area would need. We also had done all the leg work in finding service providers and resources for any company looking to move into the area. Company X already had an IT consultant so we spent some time talking to them. After the initial consultation it was apparent that Company X had hired an inexperienced consulting firm that was little more than a computer repair shop and was in trouble from the start.  We turned over all the work we had done and offered more consulting at no cost. I never heard from either company again and heard through a friend that Company X moved in and was gone in 90 days. Technology drives business and having a tech adviser that does not have the correct skill level can cause your company to FAIL!

When talking to a tech coach there are 3 main areas that they should understand and be able to answer your questions about.

1. Internal network and security needs. What needs does your company have; should you use MAC or PC. Why should you use one over the other. What kind of server do you need? Can you run your business without a server?  Should you be looking at VOIP systems? What kind of internet access do you need?

2. Security is one of the biggest problems that companies must deal with. It is not only the security that your clients need to rely on. It is also security to keep your ideas from falling into the hands of competitors and avoiding cyber threats.

3. Cloud solutions. Should your company start using cloud storage? What cloud solutions are safe? Can you rely on cloud solutions to power your business? Should you build your own private cloud solutions?

4. Marketing and web. Does your business need search engine optimization? Are Pay Per Click campaigns the right solution for your company? Do you need to do social marketing?

Isn’t it exciting to consider what this type of coaching can mean for your business!  These are all great starting points and your coach will look forward to starting to work together.

If you have decided that a tech coach could help your business, please call us.